Sentient Skincare

Born from the simple desire for a more honest, open approach to beauty. An inability to believe in spending hundreds of dollars on a face cream made from unicorn tears and false promises to feel beautiful in the skin we were given has lead us here. Every ingredient, every product, every process, is carefully considered. Each formula has been curated with the highest integrity, tested on my own skin before it ever touches any one else’s. All ingredients have been carefully considered for their effectiveness and sustainable origins. All ingredients serve a carefully considered purpose; no fillers, no harsh chemicals, no bullshit. Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive with our hand mixed, 100% toxin and cruelty free botanical blends that will nourish, soothe and protect.

“If I wouldn't put it on my own face, I would never expect you to put it on yours.“ - Trixie, Founder of Sentient Skincare

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