Hot Mumma Bath Mat
hot mumma purple bath mat
hot mumma purple bath mat

Hot Mumma Bath Mat

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Our job isn't to make you feel good. It's to make you feel amazing!

We know becoming a mum is a life and body-changing experience. Whether you are currently pregnant, a new mum or a mum with experience, we want you to know you still got it! You are one hot mamma and we are going to remind you of that. Every. Damn. Day.

Be a Hot Mamma, Help a Hot Mamma

Your purchase will make other mums feel good too! 5% of the sales of Hot Mamma mats will be donated to Safe StepsVictoria’s statewide first response service for women.

The finer details.

Our mats are made from 100% cotton, so you know... we're basically a cuddle for your feet! Remember that thing we said earlier about making you feel amazing? We've sewn in a cheeky, lil' message to make you feel amazing every day! We're also super absorbent! Whatever day you've had.. we'll dry your feet, your bod, your tears and make you feel brand new again!

Size: 50cm x 80cm
Care: Machine Washable