TRY NOT TO BE A C**T - Silver Clasp Bangle
TRY NOT TO BE A C**T - Silver Clasp Bangle

TRY NOT TO BE A C**T - Silver Clasp Bangle

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Dear 2021,

I don’t know how to sugar coat this – so I’m just going to come out and say it.

Please. Oh, please – PLEASE - Try Not To Be a C*nt.

Now, I know this may be difficult for you, especially considering the fucking dumpster fire that was 2020.

But, hear me out.

I’ve had enough. We’ve had enough.

You made it VERY CLEAR how much c*ntyness exists in the world today – we don’t need anymore proof.

Try Not To Be A C*nt.

I have to admit, the in the midst of the fucking hell scape of 2020, I too have had times where I’ve been a fucking righteous c*nt.

An angry cunt, a bitter c*nt, a cunt hell bent on revenge.

And so I’m asking you, 2020, to remind me that perhaps life isn’t as fucked up as it seems, and perhaps I too, could Try Not To Be A C*nt.

I promise to take that message to heart, and dial down the c*nt.

But fuck it - 2020 has been a C*nt of a year. And we’re gunna say it.



  • silver bangles are made from polished stainless steel
  • rose gold bangles are made from stainless steel with super high quality rose gold electroplating
  • very hard wearing but please avoid chlorine (pools)
  • made to be worn all the time - don't save them for a special occasion!
  • 100% hypoallergenic, and nickel & lead free.
  • one size fits most
  • 63.7mm diameter when closed
  • the clasp style bangle eliminates the need for you to base your sizing on your hand. It can be stretched out to fit over wrists instead, woo!